Cover photo by Steve Lyon, used under Creative Commons license

Ye shall make you no idle

I took a vacation day yesterday. Here’s what I did, in no particular order:

  • read ~200 news feeds
  • did laundry
  • bought groceries at the market
  • got a haircut
  • did about two hours of work
  • dropped off suits for dry cleaning
  • met with my lawyer
  • bought a bunch of Christmas presents, and some bad-ass olive oil
  • went to a bank branch (not by choice, mind you)
  • practiced some french
  • took out the recycling
  • upgraded my flight to Vancouver next week
  • managed my cash flow
  • submitted some work expenses
  • watched an episode of Black Mirror and the Raptors game
  • made a list of the 100 top-rated movies of 2016 and where I could see them
  • ripped two DVDs
  • bought coffee beans
  • answered about a dozen personal emails
  • ordered more Christmas gifts online
  • ate a roast beef sandwich
  • backed up my computer
  • 70 push-ups
  • met with a stager who’s helping me sell my place
  • managed my NHL fantasy team
  • bought a new belt
  • ate 1/3 of a pizza and drank a bottle of wine
  • learned some Toronto FC songs
  • talked on the phone + Skype for almost two hours
  • watched 1/3 of 10 Cloverfield Lane

What I’ve realized in recent years is that I’m virtually incapable of being idle. I can relax — usually on vacation — but my need to feel productive is almost overwhelming, even on my days off. Keep in mind, there was lots of fun stuff happening on that list above so it’s not like it was a shift in the salt mines, but still…I’m realizing that languor is just not in my DNA.


Cover photo by Steve Lyon, used under Creative Commons license

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