Cover photo by tpower1983, used under Creative Commons

Sweet Left Carnita Marshmallow

Clearly this week was all about eating. Wednesday night we had that meal at Richmond Station. Thursday we had a drink at The Jester On Yonge and then dinner with CBJ+M at Monk’s Table. Friday I was too sick to go to work so we had to cancel dinner at Carisma, but shifted it to Saturday.

Before that, though, we had much more (chilly) Saturday fun:

  • getting a painting framed at Telegramme
  • a beer at BQM
  • an amazing lunch at La Carnita: pork belly, tuna ceviche, beek cheek, and fried chicken tacos; spicy chips; Left Field x Sweet Jesus Mocha Marshmallow Stout; margaritas; Don Julio Reposado; and churros
  • coffee and treats from Versus
  • a marathon of old Friends episodes
  • dinner at Carisma: burrata, beef carpaccio, and Barbera; sausage orecchiette, truffle tagliatelle, and Barolo; cheesecake and espresso





Cover photo by tpower1983, used under Creative Commons

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