Demagogic gavage

I just got home from the better part of a week in Europe (England, Sweden, and Germany, specifically) for work. Before/between meetings, this is what I got up to:


  • Beer at The Rake, Waterloo Tap, Craft Beer Clerkenwell, and The Rake again. I really liked Waterloo Tap for its location under a train bridge, but The Rake was a standout. Very cool spot. Dragged my colleagues back there with me.
  • Coffee at Gentlemen Baristas, Association, Frequency, and Gentlemen Baristas again.
  • Meals at The Archduke (tourist trap steak/wine place…meh), Barrafina (very excellent tapas), Hawksmoor (outstanding steak, my second time at this chain, but first time at this new location), and Aqua Shard (which had the most spectacular view from a loo ever…see below).
  • Other: the Tate Modern (to see the Philippe Parreno exhibit); lovely walks along the Thames; leaving the day before the terror attack on the Westminster Bridge, which our hotel overlooked (marking the second time I’ve left London the day before a terror attack, out of a total of four visits); and nearly missing our outbound flight due to traffic.









  • A very late dinner at our hotel‘s bistro, a mediocre cappuccino from Espresso House, a regrettable visit to the Abba museum (for work reasons; don’t ask), and a deep desire to return to this city. Also, the title of this post is from a design magazine I found in my Stockholm hotel room.








On the plane


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