Last night a bunch of colleagues and I were taken out for dinner, and I finally got to try one of the Momofuku restaurants: Daisho. We pre-ordered the pork. I repeat: we pre-ordered the pork.

I mean, technically speaking, we pre-ordered the Bo Ssäm: a whole slow cooked pork butt (cured overnight, then slow roasted for 6-8 hours with a brown sugar and kosher salt rub), a dozen oysters, white rice, bibb lettuce for wraps, topped with Ssäm Sauce (Korean bbq sauce), kimchi, pureed kimchi, and ginger scallion sauce.

Before and with that, there was a whole slew of starters and sides:

  • char tartare w/ orange, jalapeno, spicy hozon mayo
  • buttermilk biscuits w/ garlic butter, chili honey
  • chicken steamed bao buns w/ ssäm sauce, pickled carrots, scallions
  • cured niagara ham w/ red eye mayo, sourdough
  • grilled wedge salad w/ olive tapenade, halloumi, dill
  • duck wontons w/ shrimp, chinese celery, sesame
  • roasted rice cakes w/ spicy pork sausage, chinese broccoli, tofu
  • roasted trout w/ prosciutto, jerusalem artichoke, bc shrimp
  • brussels sprouts w/ fish sauce, puffed rice, mint
  • potatoes w/ togarashi, kewpie mayo, spiced ham

We paired all of that with a magnum of Norman Hardie Pinot Noir, Mathieu Barret Petit Ours Brun Syrah, and a Loire Cab Franc I can’t recall but which was delicious. Apart from coffee, no one had room for dessert. A few of us took home enough pork and potatoes for a whole other meal. Speaking of which, I’m off to the kitchen.

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