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Shake By The Riverside

Welp, I’m exhausted.

Wednesday was the big move. Between the movers showing up late and the new building being a slight pain to move into, things ran long and I had to help a lot more than I should have for that cost, but whatever. All my stuff arrived, more or less intact. The problem is that it’s still sitting on my floor.

See, Lindsay arrived that night so I didn’t have much chance to do much, just unpack the essentials (fresh sheets for bed; Champagne; chargers), eat some Korean fried chicken from Kaboom, and pick her up at the train station.

Thursday I worked a full day and then met brother #1 for tacos at La Carnita before showing him the new digs.

Friday we worked from home as a Bell tech was coming by and I had some condo/lawyer related errands to run. We had coffee and pastries at Boxcar Social, then after the Bell guy left we took a break from work to grab a killer lunch at White Lily Diner. I had the pastrami sandwich; Lindsay had the smoked fish (tuna, trout) platter, and both were fantastic. My friend Jeff even strolled in as we were finishing up. Great meal. We hit Sugarloaf bakery on the way home for coffee and some delicious-ass treats.

After we finished work for the day we shut everything down and went our for a nice quiet dinner: first a glass of wine at the new all-Ontario wine bar, Chez Nous (me: Cab Franc; she: Meritage, both from Ravine) before trying out Peasant Table. I’d been here before, but only for brunch. The food was a mix of hits and misses, but the decor and feel of the place was just…weird. Given all the other great local options I’m not sure we’ll his this one again for dinner, but brunch is probably worth another try.

Today we were up early, so I grabbed coffee and breakfast from Dark Horse before we packed. We filled up big time at L’il Baci before grabbing more coffee from Sugarloaf to get us over the hump and into a cab. Now we’re off to Lisbon — more on that soon.

By the way, the title is from this song which has been stuck in my head since Thursday:


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