Godspeed cherry carnita sunset

Just when I think I have a handle on this new neighbourhood it surprises me again. That’s what I love versus my old hood — it changes quickly.

Thursday we were walking on Queen, intending to try a Vietnamese place, when we walked by a brand new restaurant called Caribbean Sunset. I backed up and led us in, and we were pretty happy with that call — we had patties, and jerk shrimp and curry goat, and rice+beans and curry potatoes and cole slaw and salad, and a couple of Red Stripes. Pretty happy this is nearby now. We crossed the street afterward and had a few glasses on the patio at Chez Nous.

Yesterday a work event took us down into the port lands, where I’d never been before. It’s not really that far from this new neighbourhood either though, and I’d been meaning to try out Cherry Street BBQ. Lindsay, our friend/co-worker Amy, and I hit it after we left our work thing, and it was just what the doctor ordered: shade, air-conditoning, cocktails (we had quite a few bourbon lemonades), cold beer, and lots from the pit. We got ribs (not as good as Triple A), sausage (better than Triple A), brisket (about as good as Triple A), mac + cheese, and cole slaw. Clearly Triple A is my gold standard, and I remembered how much I miss it.

Today we were out looking for lunch when Lindsay noticed La Carnita was open. Typically they don’t open until 5, but today they were serving brunch (!) so we checked it out. We got these pulled pork shoulder sliders (which were pretty good) and churro pancakes (which were just about the best thing ever) and a couple of pints, so…yeah. One more brunch option in brunch central.

After that we did a bit of shopping, and I jumped on the 506 up Coxwell to Gerrard, where I intended to check out the new Godspeed Brewery. It looked like the restaurant had just opened, but I obviously wasn’t hungry, so I just grabbed two of each of the three beers they make (an IPA, a stout, and a Dortmunder) from the bottle shop. Or can shop, as it were.

Add that to the two wine shipments which showed up this week from Benjamin Bridge and TH wines, and I’m a well-fed, well-watered boy.

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