Chardonnay League

Last week we finally got around to visiting Skin + Bones wine bar — absolutely one of my favourite local places — for one of their wine league nights. They pick a varietal, line up wineries who make that wine, and run a tournament. Each week customers try a glass from three different wineries and pick their favourite; the winner of each week ends up in the finals. So far I’ve seen them run Sparkling league and Riesling league; we signed up for the second round of Chardonnay league.

We tried three: Nicholas Pearce, Closson Chase, and Domaine Queylus. The Queylus was my favourite; the Closson Chase was Lindsay’s. In the end the Closson Chase won and moved on to the finals. We stuck around and had dinner there too, wondering when we could come back.


Cover photo from the Skin + Bones site

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