Cover photo from Caroline's Culinary Delights


This weekend was all about celebrating Lindsay’s work after the fact. She had a big event last Thursday, after which we were out pretty late celebrating. Friday we were both so wiped we just ordered a pizza from Double D’s and passed out.

Saturday, betwixt errands, we lucked into lunch at The Auld Spot (it was supposed to be closed) and had a boar burger + giant Caesar salad + some special pints, and enjoyed the outdoors even on an October day.

While eating lunch we decided to book dinner at Ruby Watchco, and hit it later that night. We shared beet salad, sirloin with veggies+potatoes+bone marrow, cheese, and grilled peaches+cake+ice cream. We came home and finished off a celebratory bottle of NS bubbly.

Today we scarfed breakfast at Bonjour Brioche, bought tons of groceries, and took off to Burlington (!) to see an exhibit, the catalog for which Lindsay had contributed to. Before hitting the gallery we tried to eat pizza at Son of a Peach, but it closed early. We had lunch at Paradiso instead, which worked out pretty well, and I grabbed an excellent espresso from Tamp Coffee.

We dragged our asses home and made a faux-thanksgiving dinner: small chicken, crazy stuffed sweet potatoes, and a bottle of Domaine Darius Chardonnay.


Cover photo from Caroline’s Culinary Delights

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