Le Party

Late last week we were hosting Lindsay’s mom, aka Party, and thought we should take her to some of our favourite spots. While I was at work they went to White Lily Diner without me. The nerve.

Anyway, Thursday night we went to The Wren for burgers & beer. We had chipotle buffalo cauliflower, a smash burger, an uncle buck burger, and my favourite: the big smoke sandwich. I had an Indie Alehouse Outrageous Fortune, and Lindsay and I shared bottles of Bellwoods Grandma’s Boy, Bellwoods Weft & Warp, Bellwoods Motley Cru.

Friday night we had a drink at home (some Adamo Pinot Noir, which was terrific) before heading to dinner. We stopped first for a cozy glass of red at Chez Nous. Okay, fine, two glasses: the Malivoire Foch and Leaning Post Syrah.

Then it was on to dinner at Lake Inez. We’d been there with CBGB a few months ago and loved it; this visit might have been even better. We had the sunchoke skewers, the Filipino BBQ pork skewers, roasted squash salad (which had a kick), the bistek tartare, and the 5-spice grilled striploin. That sounds like a lot, but shared among three people it left enough room for both the Filipino purple yam cheesecake and the pear sorbet & gingerbread. All this, of course, was paired with a selection from their stellar bottle list: the Bellwoods pink guava Jelly King and Bellwoods Psidiumism among them.

Saturday morning we got up early in an attempt to secure a table at Bonjour Brioche, but even an 8:30 arrival presented problems. Since all the tables inside were full we sat outside in their heated patio, but on a morning where it felt like -17° with the windchill this turned out to be a bit of an adventure. We survived though, and left well-stuffed.

That afternoon, after Lindsay dropped Party off at the train station, we met up at C’est What for lunch. Lindsay had the jambalaya; I had the butter chicken. I drank a Muskoka Raspbeery Coco Lait, and a Shillow Knowledge Is Porter, and we shared yet another Bellwoods Jelly King.

By dinnertime we were too lazy and unwilling to brave the cold to do anything other than order from Double D’s. Saturdays!


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