Capital Tabule Blood

I really thought things would slow down as November turned into December. I was incorrect.

Last Monday I had a work gala thing at the Carlu, which was pretty unpleasant. Wednesday morning I flew to Ottawa and, between meetings, managed to get in some good coffee at Morning Owl and some excellent beer at Brothers. Cool hotel too.


When I flew back to Toronto on Thursday night (I sat right behind Chrystia Freeland on the plane) we had a quick dinner at Aft. On Friday, after I made it through the work day, we had a drink at Chez Nous, a fantastic dinner at Tabule, and a final drink back at Chez Nous.

Saturday was all full of errands, but then involved seeing the lovely The More I Look at These Images at 8eleven, then drinking at Blood Brothers. The change in weather has me wanting naught but brown ales, porters, and stouts, and Blood Brothers had plenty: a white chocolate white stout which knocked me out, a variant of the same with raspberries added, and a stout with coffee and cinnamon. We took a few bottles to go to drink elsewhere, and then somehow ended up at the Fox & Fiddle on Bloor for karaoke. Don’t ask; it was for a friend’s birthday. It pierced my soul with fiery pain, but some dude totally nailed “Zombie” by The Cranberries so it balanced out. We cabbed home, threw pizza down our necks, and crashed. I’m too old for that now. To be clear, I’ve always been too old for that.

Sunday was a slow morning, obviously, but we managed to get ourselves to Eastbound for some brunch before settling into weekend work.

Get here soon, Christmas vacation. SOON.

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