Pre-holiday training

In all the hubbub before our vacation I forgot to mention what a busy weekend it was, imbibing-wise:

Dec 12: I had dinner and worked at Batch while Lindsay met up with a friend.

Dec 13: we shared a special bottle of Lightfoot & Wolfville Pinot Noir with Laura (owner of Chez Nous)

Dec 15: work holiday party, so we drank the good stuff before we even left.

Dec 16: hangover breakfast at White Lily Diner, and late lunch at La Carnita with Lindsay’s friend Tess from home

Dec 17: I had an espresso at the John Street Dark Horse (nee Smokeless Joe) before seeing the new Star Wars, which I really liked. Later that night we went to The Wren for dinner. I don’t quite remember why; it was a school night.

Dec 18: I had a beer at Hi-Lo while Lindsay shopped, and she joined me for a couple more. The Saulter Street Brewery gang was there and bought us one of their Pilsners!

Dec 20: one last brunch hit at Bonjour Brioche before our flight.


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