Cover photo from the Crowsnest Theatre site


Last night we exercised the option on Lindsay’s last Christmas gift: tickets to see a play at the new & nearby Crowsnest Theatre. Lindsay flew in from Montreal and we dashed to Dundas & Carlaw as quickly as we could.

First, though: dinner. We had a reservation at Gare de l’Est, which they thoughtfully held for us despite showing up so late, and we managed to grab a few quick bites at the chef’s bar before the show: beet salad, french onion soup, steak tartare, and crème caramel. We bought beers for kitchen too, and they sent out come chocolate caramel sea salt bites, so…fair trade!

Then, the play: a tour de force by Torquil Campbell called True Crime, which he’s had on the road for a while now. A driving, biting 90 minute confabulation of true crime, personal reflection, and the occasional song lyric. Remarkable, after really only knowing his voice as a member of Stars, to see him deliver such an omnibus performance.


Cover photo from the Crowsnest Theatre site

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