Cover photo from the Bar Hop site

III / Session / East / Danforth

Earlier this week I met up with my friend Sue at the new Bar Hop on the Danforth. I’m confused about what they’re calling it…Bar Hop III? Bar Hop Session?

They’re still getting their head around the decor a little bit, I think (we sat in a weird alcove that used to be where darts were played) but the fundamentals are there: same great tap list and bottle fridges. I had a Left Field Squeeze Play, a Tooth & Nail Fortitude, two Blood Brothers Unify or Die, and some Dunham grisette that I can’t remember.

There’s also a pretty welcome difference in crowd/vibe than the two downtown Bar Hop locations. It’s pretty chill; feels more like a neighbourhood local. Not that I don’t like the downtown spots, but this place just feels more east end. Pretty excited it’s there.


Cover photo from the Bar Hop site


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