Penultimate Montreal

This week’s been so busy I forgot to talk about our trip to Montreal last weekend. We brought a bunch of Lindsay’s stuff back to Toronto, but mainly just tried to enjoy Montreal for the last time. For a while, anyway.

Our flight was supposed to leave Friday night but got delayed; we ended up just changing it to early Saturday morning. We flew in, dropped our stuff at the apartment, hung out with Sara and Roscoe for a bit, and then went downtown for lunch at Cafe Parvis. We shared a cucumber salad and margherita pizza; I had a nice little soave and a Loire cab franc. All was good.

Just down the street was the MAC (the contemporary art museum) where we checked out the buzzy new Rafael Lozano-Hemmer exhibition, some of which was very cool, and some of which seemed more spectacle than significant. There were other lovely exhibitions too, like Alone Together and That’s How The Light Gets In and especially The Prophets. A worthwhile visit, to be sure.

For dinner last night we obviously had to hit up Maison Publique, where we turned in a top-notch final meal:

  • Radish, mozzarella, and basil salad
  • White asparagus
  • Tagliatelle in garlic & pesto
  • Fried halibut
    • 2014 Burrowing Owl Chardonnay
  • Spicy lamb tartare
  • Charlevoix Pork
    • 2015 Laughing Stock Portfolio Bordeaux blend
  • Pot de creme
  • Ice cream, with a celebratory/goodbye sparkler
    • Godfather cocktails, made with local amaretto

Quel send-off.

The next morning required a slow start, so we grabbed picnic ingredients from the nearby Metro and ate and hung out in Parc La Fontaine. We read Fran Lebovitz to each other, just like we did in our early days together, and watched ducks and dogs, and enjoyed the sun (but not too much, as we are so very pale).


We had to spend the afternoon packing, but then ducked out to Brouhaha for a few beers with Sara. We heard very odd music, like this. Twice.

I also walked into the ladies washroom. Slick last few hours in Montreal, I must say.

Our flight back home was delayed too, but only by an hour or so. Still, that was more than enough to start us off exhausted for what would turn out to be a very busy week.



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