Last night we completed our August full o’ concerts, seeing Beach House at the Sony Centre. They were just so…dreamy? Trance-y? Lush? The music is just as breathy and ethereal live as it is on the albums (not surprising; about 1/4 of it is backing track, not live) largely because it’s so precise and layered, so I didn’t hear anything new, but the visuals — intensely lights and effects back-lighting three silhouettes — added a lot.

Unfortunately there was a constant flow of people walking in and out, which was distracting, especially since no one could find their way back without turning on their phone’s light. I don’t know if people were tripping from the lights or just had to pee a lot, but it kept yanking me out of the moment. Still: so lovely.

The reported set list:

  1. Levitation
  2. Wild
  3. PPP
  4. Dark Spring
  5. Heart of Chambers
  6. Lazuli
  7. L’Inconnue
  8. Myth
  9. Rough Song
  10. Sparks
  11. Girl of the Year
  12. Space Song
  13. Wishes
  14. Drunk in LA
  15. Wildflower
  16. Lemon Glow
  17. Walk in the Park
  18. Dive


Also: before the concert we had dinner — a much better outing than last time, too. This time we stopped at Leña, in my old neighbourhood. I’d never managed to go, as it opened not long before I moved, but I’m glad we stepped in — it was very tasty. We had:

  • bread w/ housemade miche, salted butter
  • sea bream tartare w/ sweet green tomato, lime, nasty sauce, potato
  • seasonal oysters w/ half dozen, cava mignonette, nasty sauce
  • angus beef ribeye steak w/ peperonata, yukon gold chips, chimichurri
  • 12 vegetable salad w/ milk mayonnaise, charred & raw vegetables, tomatillo & coriander dressing

It was all good, but the sea bream tartare was so spicy and delicious. I’d go back just for that.


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