Cover photo from Joshua Isard's Medium article


Such a big part of the reason why my movie addiction has died down is both the quality and volume of TV. HBO made it hard enough, but with Netflix pumping out new content at an alarming rate (and we just signed up for Amazon Prime video) we can’t keep up. We just finished Making A Murder season 2, Fargo season 3, and Big Mouth season 2. We’re in the midst of The Good Place season 3 and Homecoming season 1. We haven’t even started The Deuce season…uh, 2 or Handmaid’s Tale season 2, and we essentially abandoned Maniac, Mr. Robot, Ozark, and Altered Carbon at various points. To say nothing of all the other shows we’ve been told we should be watching.

Mercy, television.


Cover photo from Joshua Isard’s Medium article

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