“Anna is beautiful, beautiful enough for me.”

We had a busy weekend. Like, worked 30+ hours Saturday through Monday (which I took as a holiday but ended up working from 7am to 8pm) busy. So last night when we couldn’t work anymore we knew we needed to switch our brains to another gear. To quiet the noise and the stress. So we decided to watch a movie.

The Kindergarten Teacher (imdb | rotten tomatoes) had been on Lindsay’s wishlist for a while, but not mine — until she showed me the trailer. I was hooked from that moment, and more so once we started watching. Such a harmless-seeming film, but it built so beautifully — and with such beauty — into this delicate, fragile tension. An elegant collision of obsession, ennui, and maternal instinct, pieced together brilliantly by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Highly recommended.

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