After hearing the buzz for quite a while, we finally checked out Wynona last night for a late dinner. I didn’t realize how close it is. I also didn’t realize that it’s a 2-minute walk from CBGB’s old Toronto house. Definitely wasn’t anything that good nearby when they lived there!

It’s a small room with an open kitchen, but felt so cozy and comfortable. The staff was lovely and so much fun, and so enthusiastic about their food and wine. We sampled widely:

  • grilled house focaccia
  • cured albacore tuna, mixed citrus, compressed melon, pine nuts
  • burrata, fig, ham, honey, almond, fennel pollen
  • charred cauliflower, harrisa, monforte goat yogurt, puffed kasha
  • carrot agnolotti, maple butter, smoked chestnuts
  • grilled branzino, brown butter, capers, olives
  • cheese

We had glasses of sparkling from the Loire to start, glasses of Roussanne/Marsanne and Albarino with the first three courses, a wonderful bottle of Gamay with the mains & cheese, and Sauternes to finish.

It’s only a 20-minute walk from our place, so once winter breaks we’ll be able to walk there (and eventually enjoy their patio). I don’t think we’ll wait that long for visit #2 though.

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