The Great Honourable Eve

We’ve been watching a fair amount of TV lately vs. going out (more on that later) so have blitzed through a few seasons / series / documentaries. The ones I’ve watched (two with Lindsay, one without) have all focused on intriguing women.

The Great Hack (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was, apart from some annoying voiceover at the beginning and end, a pretty interesting look at Cambridge Analytica. I think it missed some context that Michael Lewis covers in his podcast, and was maybe a bit more favourable to Brittany Kaiser than seemed appropriate, but still good overall.

The Honourable Woman (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was a BBC series from a few years back, eight episodes in all, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal who was — naturally — amazing. I love British spy shit. Love it. I’ll take all of that ye got, BBC.

Season 2 of Killing Eve (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was almost as good as the first, and the first was one of the best things I watched last year. Villanelle remains one of the most fun and well-written characters on TV — not surprising since the series was adapted for TV by the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

More. More like this please.

One thought on “The Great Honourable Eve

  1. I didn’t see Barry on your list, maybe it’s on another one. But if you liked Killing Eve I think you would like Barry even it is just because there is a character “hank” who is the male Villanelle. We would crack up talking about Hank when we would watch Eve.

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