Take-no-Tani Kuromame

I’ve been a dozen times but it’s always a treat to eat at Jacobs & Co. steakhouse, this time with two colleagues. We tried a three-wave approach.

We started with a Jacobs Manhattan, and then the classic: Jacobs Caesar Salad.

Round two was a 12oz Angus ribeye, La Morocha Farms (San Luis, Argentina) split three ways, with a side of sautéed rapini w/ anchovy butter and chili flakes. We had it with a bottle of Chateau Léoville Las Cases 2005 Grand Vin I brought with me.

The final wave was a phenomenal 8oz A5 Take-no-Tani Kuromame California cut striploin (Nagi-Okayama, Japan) with a side of beefsteak tomatoes w/ feta and oregano. This one we paired with something more subtle, a fruity and delicious Ferrer Bobet “Vinyes Velles” 2015 Priorat.

No one had room for dessert, so we made do with some Sauternes, and were off into the night.

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