COVID-19: Part the First

So yeah. I haven’t written that much about COVID-19…goodness knows there’s enough news & discourse about it already. We are, for now, fine. Or feel fine, anyway. Lindsay’s classes have been moved online. Work has been a series of sprints for me over the past week or so; most people are working from home now, and I reckon I’ll follow once I can. I was actually meant to be in the UK right now for a conference, but all my spring travel plans (which had been centered around work events) are cancelled.

Lots of panic-buying here in Toronto, certainly, which is disheartening and scary for people not physically or financially able to hoard shit. I don’t know why people think a country as heavily-forested as Canada is about to run out of toilet paper, but there were fights breaking out over it in a nearby Loblaws Friday. So there’s that.

So we’ll hunker down, be thankful for our wine collection, and do our best to avoid cabin fever.

I guess this might curtail our Pandemic playing though. 😐

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