COVID-19: Part the Twelfth

The week started with a upward turn — 2020 jumping straight from Winter to Summer in Toronto, though I’m sad that Spring 2020 seems never to have existed — but slid into an almost surreal spectacle of seething rage south of the border. It’s hard to focus on much else; recounting TV shows and virtual wine tastings and Peloton rides seems silly.

I read a Harvard Business Review article this week about regression among leaders working from home, especially as we’ve come out of “crisis management” mode and settled into simply managing once again. I know I’m feeling it. I’m feeling the cramped space as well, especially with Lindsay totally heads-down trying to finish papers. It’s not that I miss the office so much as I miss the separation of personal space and work space.

Still, as ever: these are minor things about which to worry, in the grand scheme of things.

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