No skips

My new favourite podcast is called No Skips. It’s my friend* Lisa and her husband going deep on some classic albums:

Music fanatic and his skip-happy wife take on the biggest albums of all time. New episodes released every week.

So far they’ve covered Radiohead‘s OK Computer, Prince‘s Purple Rain, The Beach BoysPet Sounds (which I realized I’d never consumed front-to-back either), Erykah Badu’s Baduizm (which I haven’t listened to but will now), and Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd. My favourite quote on that last one: “[Quoting herself]: ‘This is one of the best albums of all time.’ It’s like, no fucking duh Lisa.”

It’s fun and I’m learning stuff, and they’re doing like 50+ of these. If you’re into music, it’s a big recommend.

* Online friend. She lives in Texas and I do not, so we’ve never met, but have known each other online for…I dunno, 15 years?

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