why hadn't i watched these before?

two movies which i’d never seen until this past week, for some bizarre reason or another:

  • ferris bueller’s day off: despite being a john highes product (the main reason i’d stayed away before), i thought it was good. funny and informative (i’m going to chicago later this month, so it was nice to get a tour). battabattabattabattasaaa-wiiiingbatta
  • swingers: this movie was so very, very money. as with made, i hated vince vaughn for the first half hour, but grew to like him a bit. the whole scene with jon favreau leaving messages on nikki’s answering machine had me halfway between hysterical laughter and sympathy pains. i was yelling, “no, don’t call her again!” at the tv. thank god no one was here.

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