103 hours of fun!

  • one of the guys from great big sea was on my flight to halifax
  • met marney for lunch at your father’s moustache. the lemon pepper chicken rocks and beer is only $4!!
  • after a stroll around the waterfront to see buskerfest and dinner at the (original) granite brewery, i eventually make it to the prince george in time to see the fireworks. they were originally intended for the previous monday but weather had delayed the show. i could see them perfectly from my south view of the harbour. and the hotel room was free!
  • saw an episode of trailer park boys being filmed at spring garden and queen
  • checked out the dalhousie campus to see what had changed. they’ve been messing with howe hall, my old residence. hung out in the quad.
  • spent hours in the public garden (had to fend off mormons at the entrance)
    • saw 8 ducklings waddling along in a line
    • saw 2 turtles in the water. the ducks kept running them down.
    • saw a hawk or osprey snatch a fish out of the water (!)
    • saw a family get swarmed by ducks and divebombed by pigeons
  • drove back to the farm with tim and al (who can only be described as delightful)
  • ate so much barbequeued meat, belated-birthday-cake and pie that i still feel full
  • caught some local theatre, ate some fresh blueberries, played with niece & nephew & cat & dogs, enjoyed the fresh air
  • my dad likes songs i sent him by the white stripes, jeff buckley, spiritualized and moby, making him much cooler than most people i know 40 years his junior
  • flew home last night, had dinner with Nellie & Amy before ames leaves town for good
  • came home and slept the sleep of the dead
  • woke up this morning resentful of being back, and yet craving thai

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