the toronto international film festival

it’s on! seen two movies thus far:

  • talk to her, the new film from pedro almodovar. i hadn’t really watched much more than pieces of almodovar’s earlier films, but i was impressed with this one. bizarre at times (where did he find that prop?), uncomfortable at others, funny throughout. really, really good.
  • laurel canyon, lisa cholodenko’s newest. i’d seen high art, and liked it more each itme i watched it, but this one was – to my mind – so much better. a lot of the same elements throughout…two vastly different groups of people interact awkwardly, one member of the meek party is drawn into the bohemian party, etc. what made this even better than high art were the performances of frances mcdormand and alessandro nivola (both of whom were there last night). kate beckinsdale surprised me too, i’d sort of written her off as a loss after pearl harbor. i continue to love natascha mcelhone. i continue to hate christian bale.

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