British TV is very, very weird. It may even be more ridiculous than American TV, especially the “reality” series. Big Brother is huge here, and one channel just covers it live for most of the day. Seriously, live. Even if all they’re doing is sleeping. It’s nuts. Oh, and there was some horrible show called “ladette to lady” on where they take a bunch of boozy teenage slags and send them to etiquette school or some such. Honestly, the hideous matrons and taskmasters that the girls answered to were even more awful than the girls themselves. I suppose TV here is just more extreme than American TV…CNN and E! are just becoming the same bland mush, the BBC and E4 represent highly professional and batshit insane respectively.

We’re just now getting ready to head out for the day. A bit late getting going though, so hopefully we have time to see all we want to see.

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