Right now, at this moment, I am nasty. It was a hot, humid, sweltery day in London and we were busy little tourists right smack in the middle of it. As I write this I’m sitting on our bed, trying to cool down.

It was nice when we left the house just after 10, warm but overcast and a bit breezy…perfect walkabout weather. By the time we reached Westminster station (nearly an hour later) the sun was coming out. Nellie got her first look at Big Ben, Parliament and The Eye as we left the station, and we rounded the corner toward Westminster Cathedral.

I’ve already been to this area, and all through Westminster, but Nellie hadn’t so she was constantly taking pictures. She took pictures all the way through, outside, up Whitehall, at 10 Downing Street, at Trafalgar Square, and all the way up the mall to Buckingham Palace. We stopped and had a lunch in St. James park, which was a nice relaxing little break.

From there we walked up Constitution Hill so that we can enter Hyde Park, but before we could a motorcade came past with Charles and Camilla in tow. This was (apparently) a big freaking deal. Looked like they were on their way to something. Anyway, on to more important matters: leaving the park we got some ice cream…yummm! Oh, and they were setting up for the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park.

After the park we took a stroll down through Mayfair. By this time it was well and truly muggy, and we were slowly broiling. Mayfair is beautiful (if under constant construction); it got more commercial and hectic as we walked east. I finally found Savile Row so that I could walk up it and drool (Gieves & Hawkes had a sale on, so their prices down 15% from insane to absurd).

I ended up getting turned round a bit (stupid curving streets), so we walked nearly to Piccadilly Circus before I realized we were going the wrong way. Eventually we made it to the tube station we wanted and the train we needed. Unfortunately it’s fucking hot on those trains, and so for the half hour ride home we thought we were going to die. The fresh air of Ealing, the fine bottled products of Evian & Pepsi, and the cool shower of my brother’s flat gave us comfort.

So now that I’ve written all of this I’ve pretty much cooled down. I’ll need a shower (and possibly a foot massage) before we go back out though.

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