75 Minutes

If you want to have some new music thrown at you head over to 75 Minutes. I’ve been downloading their “podcast” (still hate that word) for a few months now and it’s usually good for a one or two good songs. I’m a few weeks behind right now but the last few episodes I’ve reviewed have turned up some good stuff:

  • The Decemberists convering Joanna Newsom’s “Bridges & Balloons”
  • “Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone” by Bound Stems
  • “Werewolf” by Cat Power
  • A band from the American midwest called Raccoo-oo-oon with an amazing song called “Stick Eaters”. I’ll be looking into this band some more, but they’re pretty obscure so…c’mon internets!
  • A L’Spaerow song called “Bridges”
  • A band called Ufomammut with a song called “Hellcore”. Or it could be the other way around, I’m not 100% sure.

Angels Twenty is another source for good music; not as prolific as 75 Minutes, but less random.

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