More music for my dad

Another CD that I’ve made for my father. Now that I’ve made it I’m pretty sure I’ve put the Neko Case song on another disc for him, but oh well…it’s Neko and it trashes WalMart, so hooray.

  1. Maria Taylor . “Song Beneath The Song”
  2. Iron And Wine . “Free Until They Cut Me Down”
  3. Black Rebel Mototcycle Club . “Devil’s Waitin'”
  4. Neko Case . “Thrice All American”
  5. Mirah . “Exactly Where We’re From”
  6. Mark Lanegan . “Strange Religion”
  7. Ben Lee . “In My Life”
  8. Joel Plaskett . “Happen Now”
  9. Detroit Cobras . “I Wanna Holler (but the town’s too small)”
  10. FemBots . “Count Down Our Days”
  11. William Elliot Whitmore . “The Buzzards Won’t Cry”
  12. Neil Young . “A Dream That Can Last”
  13. Black Keys . “My Mind Is Ramblin'”
  14. U2 . “Springhill Mining Disaster”
  15. Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band . “Aberdeen”
  16. Jason Collett . “Honey I Don’t Know”
  17. Richard Thompson . “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”
  18. White Stripes . “I’m Lonely (but I ain’t that lonely yet)”

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