"That's Protestant whiskey!"

We watched the entire third season of The Wire over the weekend. It’s addictive, that show, which I guess explains why we watched 4 episodes a day. It seemed to wrap everything up in a neat little package; I don’t know if they weren’t expecting a fourth season (there will be one, by the way) or if they just wanted to start fresh.


I gave up travel agencies in favour of airline’s websites 8 or 9 years ago, but recently more sites have completely changed the way I plan my travel. We’ve planned our upcoming trips to New York, Montreal and the Rockies by booking our reward flights on Aeroplan, researching our hotels using Tripadvisor and plain old Google, booking rental cars on Expedia, searching for image of our destinations on Flickr, seeing where our hotels were on Google Maps and ordering guide books from Indigo.

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  1. Interesting. My wife and I do a lot of travelling (10 countries in the past 4 years) and our bookings have been a mix of Aeroplan, Airline sites directly (Easy Jet) and using a travel agent. I’m very web and technology savy and personally, with the exception of using points, I find our travel agent can still get us the best deal (when travelling from Canada to another destination, don’t really travel with NA so it may be different).There are a number of reasons (A) It helps that I’ve been using the same tavel agent for 10 years and there’s a relationship there. (B) There’s also the added bonus that they are insured in case an airlines decides to go belly up. (C) there is the added comfort of being able to walk into an office and talk to a human being if anything ever goes wrong. (D) Travel agents use wholesalers ,which the public doesn’t have access to. The wholesalers buy X number of tickets and can command a lower price and they pass on to the customer (minus a cut of course). If you buy on the web you’ll never buy enough tickets to get a wholesale rate, which can be quite substantial.

    I’m not trying to be a spokesman for the travel agents, just giving my 2 cent and say it’s still worth price shopping around and not relying exclusively on the web. It’s all dependent on how complex your travel needs are of course.

  2. I can see where they’d still have their uses. Your point about complexity is probably right; we’re usually booking pretty straightforward trips, so it’s easy to do it all online…although our entire London – Edinburgh – Vienna – Budapest trip was booked online by myself, my wife and my brother with minimal bother.

    I just don’t trust anyone else enough to book the best options for us. I’d need to know the flight times that were available, the locations (and reviews) of the hotels, the transportation options, etc., etc. Even when I used a corporate travel agent I’d have Expedia up on my screen telling them about flight times better than what they suggested…

  3. True, travel agents are not to be trusted either. What I usually do is let the travel agent do the work and then double check that it’s the best deal 🙂

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