We just had our second amazing meal in as many nights. Triomphe, a newish restaurant next door to our hotel, was reaaallllllly good. Check out what I had:

  • Baby spinach salas w/ bacon lardoons, tomato, candied walnuts, stilton cheese and sherry vinaigrette
  • Maple glazed pepper crusted venison red leg with caramelized pears, sweet potato puree and brussel sprouts & mashed potatoes drizzled with truffle oil
  • Bittersweet chocolate truffle cake served with fresh whipped cream, berries and pomegranate molasses
  • A bottle of Jink’s Creek Shiraz (shared with Nellie, of course)

We made it home just in time to watch the Daily Show, which is surreal. 5 hours ago we were watching this live. Weird.

0 thoughts on “Triomphant

  1. We watched The Daily Show tonight (it shows one day later in the UK), and stop-framed every shot where they pan over the crowd, but we couldn’t spot you.

  2. Yeah, it swung right over our heads and caught the two sides. Ee were actually right at the front of the middle section. Nellie just watched the opening shot and the graphics blocked us out.

    I think you can hear me almost lose my shit when Sharon Stone wigs out…

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