The return of the prodigal son and daughter (btw, "prodigal" means "broke", right?)

We got home around 10:00 last night. My Blackberry’s battery died early yesterday morning, and I couldn’t be arsed to post last night. Yesterday’s highlights:

  • Breakfast at the same place as yesterday. OK, not exactly a highlight; just setting the scene for you.
  • Walk to the 42nd Street subway station and buy ourselves some Metropasses. Take the R train down to the southern tip of Manhattan.
  • Take the Staten Island ferry to (you guessed it) Staten Island and back again. Total cost: $0. Views of Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty: pretty good. Bargain. Ferry is 75% tourists.
  • Subway back up to Times Square, walk to Bryant Park, enjoy sunshine (it was beautiful again today), find some lunch at Pret A Manger, return to hotel room to eat and pack. Check out.
  • Use lovely Metropasses again to head up to 81st Street and the Museum of Natural History. This is high on Nellie’s list, and we spend several hours there. See Tommy Lee Jones walking around the basement with a map and looking confused. Decide it’s too late in the day to do much else and call it a trip.
  • Subway back to hotel, pick up bags and catch cab to LaGuardia. Vow only to fly in to and out of this airport from now on unless absolutely necessary; half the distance/cost as JFK or Newark.
  • Agent at the desk puts us on standby for the earlier flight back to Toronto, but since the earlier flight to Toronto was cancelled and all of those people have been put on this flight it’s touch and go. We actually score two of the last three seats on the plane and thank our lucky stars. The idea of sitting in the frigid lounge for another 90 minutes wasn’t appealing.
  • Arrive in Toronto to find it snowing. Whip through customs, bump into Bob Rae on his way out of the washroom, use my latent memory of Terminal 2 to bypass the huge lineup leaving the luggage bay, pile into a cab and return home to some happy cats who forcefully remind us exactly where their food is stored.

All in all, a very good trip. We got to see a Daily Show filming, MoMA, the Museum of Natural History and great views of the skyline from the harbour and the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center. We enjoyed the freakishly good weather. We had two amazing meals. We slept in plush surroundings. We walked through Times Square and rode the subway and sat in Bryant Park and did all those touristy things that you should do in New York. We came to love New York even more than we did from our last visit three years ago. Not a bad way to spend 48 hours, really.

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