A rope. A tree.

The referees just handed game 3 to Carolina. First they didn’t call a penalty in the second period on a high stick that, by the look of it, carved Saku Koivu’s eye out. You’d think that an injury causing blood to stream from the eye socket and requiring a trip to the hospital would draw, oh I don’t know, a minor penalty or something? Then they gave the Hurricanes a four-minute penalty at the end of regulation time (on a high stick, which they must have decided to start calling again). Finally, in overtime, they didn’t call Vasicek when he checked the Montreal player into the boards from behind, but seconds later called the Canadiens on a marginal trip. Carolina scored on that power play.

It’d be one thing if Carolina had actually beaten Montreal, but they didn’t. The Canadiens dominated the whole game, much more than the shot clock showed. Cam Ward held the Hurricanes in it, Carolina scored a flukey one and the refs took over from there.

Congratulations, Dan Marouelli and Dennis Larue. Go home, watch the videotape of the gore pouring out of Saku Koivu’s eye and congratulate yourselves on a job well done.

0 thoughts on “A rope. A tree.

  1. No, no, not like a Leafs fan. ‘Cause this happened in reality, not in Tra-la-la-Leafs-fantasy-land-la-la.

    Exhibit one: 7 power plays for the Hurricanes, 3 for Montreal. 3 of those Hurricans power players came in overtime or with less than 5 minutes left in the 3rd. All were questionable (did you see Stillman bleeding? ’cause I sure didn’t.)

    Exhibit two: Saku Koivu is now out indefinitely, and almost certainly for the remainder of the series. It’ll be a few days before the swelling even goes down enough to know whether or not his eye still works, for chrissakes.

  2. Leafs were just more vocal than other teams and were not afraid to call it as they see it.

    I don’t recall a penalty being called when Bryan Berard had his eye detatched from his face. Was there a penalty called when Sundin also nearly lost his eye?

    Oh and Pat Quinn he’s a classy guy. Just read his statement.

  3. 1. Hossa did, in fact, get a penalty when he took out Berard’s eye (a double minor) even though it was a followthrough on a shot.

    2. Sundin got hit with a shot. There’s no penalty against taking a shot that hits somebody.

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