"Artists do not want to sue music fans."

I read a couple of articles today about the new Canadian Music Creators Coalition — Canadian artists who’ve formed their own lobbying group after growing tired of having the CRIA speaking for them — and I’m pretty impressed. The three main points, discussed in much more detail in the Listening Post and Michael Geist articles above, are as follows:

  • Suing Our Fans is Destructive and Hypocritical
  • Digital Locks are Risky and Counterproductive
  • Cultural Policy Should Support Actual Canadian Artists

Zowie. CMCC, je t’aime. For now.


Stephanie Zacharek reviews United 93 for Salon, and though she feels it’s well done, wonders if it’s worth watching:

“Paul Greengrass’ ‘United 93′ is a movie made with tremendous care, and with almost boundless sensitivity to persons living and dead. But just hours after seeing the picture, I’m finding it hard to care about Greengrass’ integrity: I’ve never had a more excruciating moviegoing experience in my life, and as brilliantly crafted — and as adamantly unexploitive — as the picture is, it still leaves you wondering why it was made in the first place…I walked out of ‘United 93’ feeling bereft and despondent; my stomach muscles had tensed into a seemingly immovable knot.”

This only strengthens my desire to see the film. If a movie is well-crafted enough to feel gut-wrenching, even a fraction as much as I did on the actual day, then it’s worth seein. And, in my opinion, it’s a story worth experiencing, buried as it has been beneath and behind the greater spectacle of the World Trade Center destruction.

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