Tarragon & black pepper

Stanzi was back in town today, so T-Bone and I got to have lunch with her. We decided to swing by JS Bonbons on the way home. OK, it was completely out of our way, but it was worth it. I’d almost forgotten how tasty the salted caramel and gianduja truffles are.


More new music that I’m trying to get to: Ships by Danielson, Valhalla by Danny Michel, Ecce Homo by The Hidden Cameras, Bottom Of Barrels by Tilly And The Wall, Eraser by Thom Yorke, and Springtime Can Kill You by Jolie Holland. I’ve already decided to buy Rather Ripped by Sonic Youth, Awoo by The Hidden Cameras (when it’s released) and Begin To Hope by Regina Spektor.

[tags]js bonbons, danielson, danny michel, hidden cameras, tilly and the wall, thom yorke, jolie holland, sonic youth, regina spektor[/tags]

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