Mystery white boy

One step closer to a movie about Jeff Buckley. Wonder if Brad Pitt’s still interested. He might be a little long in the tooth now.


Some of the headlining films for the Toronto film festival were announced today. I’m excited to see a couple of recent Cannes winners: The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Babel. I think we might actually see 15 movies this year.


OK…first of all, why is CNN giving commentary space to James Dobson? Second, I wonder if Dobson ever sits back and wonders just how much of a backwards, close-minded dick he’ll sound like a generation from now? In fact, that he could possibly compare denying gay people marriage rights to the struggle to end slavery is beyond feebleminded.

[tags]jeff buckley, wind that shakes the barley, babel, james dobson, irrelevant windbag, gay marriage[/tags]

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