Happy Canada Day indeed

This morning the Globe and Mail replays some blog and newsgroup postings by the wives of some of the recently captured Canadian terror suspects. It’s not terrifying so much as it’s sad; as loathsome as their statements are, it’s obvious that these are the rantings of two women who obviously are not the sharpest knives in the drawer (one of them’s just a kid), and who are just parroting Jihadist rhetoric.

But what’s really terrifying is the comment section. These statements are as bad as anything the women posted online:

  • “The veil should be illegal…you live in Canada….any other citizen running around in a mask would be interogated”
  • “I’m sure that allah and/or muhammed didn’t expect muslims to become the sorriest, cruelest, least cultured, most hateful people in the world”
  • “[W]e should not let anyone in this country with different social values”
  • “I’m not sure we shouldn’t throw out the baby, the bathwater and the BATHTUB containing the Muslim immigration pool, until we have a better handle on it”
  • “You people are a very good reason and example of why we should not be importing individuals from Islamic countries”
  • “[T]hey need to be weeded out of civilized society by every means possible – including control on constitutional rights, if that’s what it takes to destroy this plague – the free world needs to eradicate it like the disease it is”
  • “These wackos are right about one thing, we should round this group up and deport the whole bunch of them…On a different point, is it a good idea to have the father of one or two of these traitors prescribing medicine to our soldiers?”
  • “Send them to Afganistan where they can joing their beloved Taliban and hopefully be bombed into the hereafter that they covet so much”
  • “Personally I think if these people are convicted we should send them to gitmo north, but let’s move it north of Iqaluit first”
  • “When you have people of a religion who’s sole desire is to murder the innocent Men, Women, and Chileren in the Name of their Religion, then you need to truly ask the question is that religion a loving and kind religion”
  • “I believe that we are at the point where we should no longer accept immigrants from Muslim Countries”
  • “[T]he only difference between a militant and a moderate muslim is the length of their beards”
  • “Happy Canada day to all who love our country and to the rest, may we soon hunt you down and eliminate you before you eliminate us!”

One of the early commenters tried valiantly to make some sense of what these women had posted, to explain how these women could arrive at such a mindset. Another, later on, asked the commenters for reason. Sadly, reasoned arguments were hard to come by in this post.

I feel sick to my stomach after reading this.

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0 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day indeed

  1. Sad but true…and that, my friend is why some of us chose not to wear the scarf anymore…walk a day in my shoes baby…it was pure hell. The comments, the bigotry, the crap – it’s all increasing by the day. I soon learned that the less visible I was, the more people would just leave me the heck alone. The point where the comments changed from “wow- how cool- you’re Muslim?” to “OMG- you’re a Muslim? Why do your people do such-as-such or why do you believe in such-and-such” is when I knew it was time to step away from the visible thing….it just wasn’t my axe to grind I guess. And being called a terrorist when I was walking down the street with my son in hand was not fun either. Nor was it called for.

    Don’t get me wrong, Canada is a great place, and Toronto is a fantastic city. The world is just a very weird space right now, and so…this is what we as Canadians are all faced with. Nobody’s fault…except those terrorists I suppose, who by the way, none of the mainstream Muslims actually consider to be from among our faith. The mainstream Muslim community denounces them, and rejects them…sigh. That’s my rant for the day. 🙂

  2. You know what? I wasn’t surprised by the reaction of people to 9/11. Not at all. People feed on their emotions, and when they don’t understand something they strike out at whatever target is most convenient.

    What bothered me the most, after 9/11 and in the article’s comments, was the lack of any logic or reasoning. I mean, to get so angry about an inflammatory, racist comment that you yourself respond with inflammatory racism is just…low-grade thinking. I mean, how can you even take someone seriously when they say things like what I quoted above? All you can do is hope that there are just as many reasonable, sane people out there who don’t pipe up as much.

    “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

  3. You’re right about the low grade thinking…but that has become the reality of the world we live in. At the end of the day, no matter what, people respond to emotional things in emotional ways, and emotion often tends to lack reason or good judgement. 9/11 was a horrible day for the world, and it had horrible results, for the victims, for the families, for the peace loving societies that previously stood up against stupid bigoted thinking, and yes, for innocent bystanders that lost out because they have been blindly lumped together with a nation of terrorists.

  4. I don’t know whats with the readers of the Globe & Mail lately spiting nothing but hate, bigotry and homophobia lately. The comments following the Gay Pride Parade were just as hateful. I thought as Canadians we had a better understanding of the world we live in and our place in it. It’s dishearting to realize that I was wrong.

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