We have winnowed the list of 82 films down to 13 (a friend of ours is taking 2):

  1. Thu Sep 7: The Bothersome Man *or* Requiem
  2. Fri Sep 8: Citizen Duane *or* Chronicle of an Escape
  3. Sat Sep 9: The Wind That Shakes the Barley *or* EMPz 4 Life
  4. Sat Sep 9: Rescue Dawn *or* All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
  5. Sun Sep 10: Candy *or* Retrieval
  6. Sun Sep 10: Kurt Cobain About A Son *or* 2:37
  7. Mon Sep 11: Diggers *or* Blindsight
  8. Mon Sep 11: Little Children *or* Fay Grim
  9. Tue Sep 12: The Half Life of Timofey Berezin *or* 10 Items or Less
  10. Wed Sep 13: The Hottest State *or* Day Night Day Night
  11. Thu Sep 14: The Pleasure of Your Company *or* Snow Cake
  12. Fri Sep 15: D.O.A.P. *or* Penelope
  13. Sat Sep 16: Outsourced *or* Macbeth

Nellie’s filling out the paperwork now. Tomorrow I’ll drop it off and lock my fingers into the “crossed” position.

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