Slush anyone?

Last week TimmyD blogged about the (now-resolved) softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the US. It seems there’s a potential new wrinkle in the story which, if true, is pretty unsettling:

The Tyee has an excerpt from testimony delivered by an American trade lawyer to our own Standing Committee on International Trade. Not only does Elliot Feldman lambaste the Conservatives’ softwood lumber deal as a rotten deal for Canada but he lets us in on something that ought to be a headline on every media outlet in the country: of the one billion dollars plus that we’re allowing the Americans to keep under the terms of that deal, $450 million goes straight to the White House with no congressional oversight. The legalese in the contract says it will go for “meritorious initiatives”. Feldman calls it a slush fund and suggests that it will be used to help campaigning Republicans who are desperate to maintain control of both houses of congress in November’s mid-term elections. [from POGGE]

As if it weren’t bad enough that those $450 million were ill-gotten gains. Couldn’t they just end the duplicity at the unfair trade practices?

More here.


Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in months. Not surprisingly, there are no headlines or lead stories on the news about how much easier life is for people who choose to live 80 km from where they work (or vice versa). Never fear; I’ll be sure to remind them next time they start up their (presumably gas-powered) whining machines again.


This is pretty hard to believe:

An architect of Iraqi descent has said he was forced to remove a T-shirt that bore the words “We will not be silent” before boarding a flight at New York. [from the BBC]

Wait…no it isn’t.

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0 responses to “Slush anyone?

  1. Thanks for the link!

    Here is an update on the Software Lumber Agreement:

    According to the text of the SLA, the list of “meritorious initiatives” to which the $450 million was to go — that is, Bush’s slush fund — was to be “determined” today (September 1).

    Yet no such list has been published.


    It would be irresponsible not to speculate…

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