I have my ride-home playlist all set up and ready to go. There’s just no better feeling than climbing into that cab and falling into an exhausted stupor for the ride home, while the perfect music blares in my ears. Here’s the lineup this time around:

  • cat power . “sweedeedee”
  • mike doughty . “i hear the bells”
  • jose gonzalez . “heartbeats”
  • regina spektor . “better”
  • cold war kids . “don’t let your love grow away from me”
  • band of horses . “monsters”

That oughta do it. If I run out of time I’ll skip the Mike Doughty song.

OK. Must go finish off a deck, read the material for tomorrow and review some class notes.

[tags]cat power, mike doughty, jose gonzalez, regina spektor, cold war kids, band of horses[/tags]

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