OK, the book-learnin’ is done. All that’s left now is to write the exam. I’m not worried; I reviewed the stuff over the last couple of nights and I believe we know this stuff better than we think we do. That’s the sign of a good prof. I could tell others in the class didn’t like her, but some people will always whine when they come up against a prof who expects a lot.

Oooh, and Thursday night’s pizza night. Sweeeeeet…


In other news entirely, I just took a trip down memory lane courtesy of this post at Cinematical. It’s about an old Warner Brothers cartoon called Duck Amuck, which they describe thusly: “You can argue whether the film is postmodern, deconstructionist, ahead of its time … but it’s inarguably hilarious.” I agree; I used to watch it as a kid and think, “This is probably even funnier than I think it is.” I should watch it again the next time I’m home on the farm.

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