"My two lovely friends"

It’s true: Deal Or No Deal is the dumbest game show ever. It’s so dumbed-down, and requires so little brainpower from both contestant and viewer, it makes Wheel Of Fortune seem like a Mensa chapter meeting.


Speaking of the addle-minded, I have a new name for Leafs forward Darcy Tucker: SuperPussy. On Tuesday he was so pissed about his team getting crushed (final score: 6-2) by Ottawa that he started beating on Patrick Eaves, who’s probably never fought in his life. Happily, Ottawa didn’t retaliate tonight by going after Kyle Wellwood or some similar non-combatant; instead they blasted the Leafs 7-2. Between that and Montreal’s last-second (well, almost…they scored with 1.2 seconds left) win over Boston, I’m a happy guy.


A co-worker pointed out last night something I would never, ever have guessed: many of the Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits outlets here in Toronto serve halal chicken. When she first told me I thought she meant the entire chain, and I thus deemed her insane. But in fact, it appears to be true, so…yeah. That’s pretty weird. Of all the places I expected to serve halal meat, Popeye’s isn’t one of them.

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  1. Not so weird, I think. Either because they’re often run by Muslim immigrants or because these sorts of takeaway places are the only alternative to the big chains, many (most?) of the fried chicken places here in UK cities serve halal food.

  2. Forgot to add: Deal or No Deal has been running here for a while too, and I hate it. Even worse than the fact that’s dead simple is the fact that the people who play are so obviously bad at math. To make the show interesting, people use “gut feel” or something, which is absolutely ridiculous. It’s all probability, but – since most people are bad at math – it never plays out that way.

  3. Hahaha! I knew the Popeye’s thing since I was like in Undergrad (a REALLY long time ago). You just caught onto that now?

    There are two reasons for the halal thing at Popeye’s:
    1) TimmyD is on the right track- yes many of them are run by Muslim immigrants
    2) It would normally be hard for these chains to get halal chicken at a price that matches the non-halal versions, especially if they had to get the meat from halal butchers. The big win here is that a large percentage of the chicken (if not all) that comes from Maple Lodge Farms in Mississauga is halal. With a large commercial scale vendor like that selling halal meat, lots of restaurants can serve halal meat at the same competitive prices as those who do not. A huge score for Muslims who eat halal meat (I used to be one of them, but gave that up a few years back)…now I’m shunned… 😦

    Other large scale halal restaurants in the GTA:
    – Many KFCs (shocked?) 🙂
    -Nando’s Chicken (very yummy- Just ask Duarte)
    -Most of the food court places
    -etc etc

    Shocked? 🙂

  4. I knew about Nando’s. I remember seeing the signs when I used to eat there. But there’s no way I would’ve known about Popeye’s; until the one opened near Yonge & Bloor I’d never laid eyes on one. And I still have yet to set foot in one; just walking by this one makes me nauseous.

    I wasn’t surprised about chains using Halal per se; I was surprised about chains using anything other than the option foisted on them by the franchiser. I assumed that Popeye’s or KFC would have their food delivered to them like McDonald’s does, not that they’d get a higher-cost meat from a local provider. But if they do, as you say, and the franchisees are able to pass on the cost without losing sales, it makes total sense.

  5. No but its not a higher cost meat from a local provider. Maple Lodge Farms is the same provider of chicken in grocery stores. They have 50% halal chicken. So when you order from them, you can just request halal or non halal at the same cost.

    As a side benefit, many Muslims (like my parents) can now buy their chicken at the grocery store, cuz Maple lodge halal chicken is sold there too. Get it?

    Somewhere along the way, ISNA went to maple lodge and got them to agree to do this, after that it became easier to get halal meat.

  6. I understand what you said, but Maple Ridge *is* a higher cost meat than what’s typical supplied to franchises. The chicken you buy at most fast food outlets isn’t the same quality that you’d buy in a grocery store, and it often doesn’t even come from the same suppliers (or, if it does, it’s their lower-grade meat). But if the fast food places can charge a premium, or make the business case that their sales will go up as Muslim customers learn they serve halal meat, it all works out.

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