I just won tickets to a screening of Babel next week. All I did was list my favourite scary movies in a comment on Toronto Life’s Screening Room blog.

Just for the record, mine were:

  • The Exorcist. I watched it for the first time just a few years ago, but it still scared the bejeezus out of me.
  • The Blair Witch Project. I saw it in a theatre full of shrieking people before all the hype.
  • Ringu. Upside down eyes = unsettling.
  • Requiem. From this year’s TIFF, it was haunting and creepy for all the reasons The Exorcism Of Emily Rose wasn’t.
  • Haute Tension. I was, as advertised, hautely tense.

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  1. My top 10 in order that I watched them:

    Jaws. I wouldn’t get into water for weeks, including the bathtub. My mom was so pissed at my Dad for letting me watch it.

    A Nightmare on Elm Street. I actually watched this on Halloween with a bunch a friends after trick-or-treating when I was in elementary school. It was awesome!

    Candyman. Watched it at a midnight movie in high school. I was the driver that night and after I dropped off the last person I cried all the way home because I was so terrified.

    Scream. Seriously. But just the first time. Watched it in university at a friend’s house. Seem to recall making someone stand outside the bathroom door when I had to go pee.

    The Blair Witch Project. What made it so scary was that Husband (at the time Boyfriend) seemed to be freaked out too. Couldn’t rely on his usual making fun of me to make it seem less scary.

    Session 9. I would say that this was probably the most scared I’ve been in recent years. Creepy, creepy movie.

    The Ring. I’m sorry, I know that purists would attach me and scream that Ringu is so much better. And it is the better movie. But I saw The Ring first and couldn’t be in a room alone with the TV for weeks. I got over my fear by dressing as Samara for Halloween one year.

    28 Days Later. For some reason, whenever I have to go put the garbage down the chute, I have to run back to the apartment door because I’m convinced a super-fast moving zombie is going to come running at me and kill me. Weird.

    Creep. Watched it at a midnight madness screening at TIFF last year. Now I can’t stand on a subway platform by myself. I’ve never screamed so much in a movie.

    Requiem. A movie from this year’s TIFF. How exorcist movies should be.

  2. Ooh, I forgot about Creep. Classic example of a movie being made more scary by being in a packed audience with caffeine-addled scare freaks.

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