Best. Lineup. EVER.

Five days before Christmas…you’d expect hellish lines at the airport, right? Well, we arrived at the Westjet counter to find a line consisting of precisely zero people. None. Rien. We strolled on up, got the first agent, and zipped through security to our gate. Sweet!

The downside, of course, is that we now had an hour to kill before boarding. We just had a walk around the terminal, bought some trash magazines (Details for me, Cosmo for Nellie) and had a snack. Oh well; I’d rather sit and read for half an hour than risk getting caught in a line.

All in all the airport is remarkably quiet. Note to self: travel on Wednesday afternoons whenever possible.

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0 responses to “Best. Lineup. EVER.

  1. Happy holidays to you, Nellie Dee and all the family. We’ll be in Halifax after boxing day so give us a call. Would love to join you for drinks (or coffee, or brunch, or whatever…)

  2. Its a date. Ed’s working but the little princess and I are up for it. Call when you guys get up (I suspect we’ll be up earlier than you) and let me know where and when to meet you.

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