Farm life

We’ve been back on the farm for a little over 24 hours now. Our trip yesterday was ridiculously easy: no problems at either airport, with the car rental, with the drive home…smoothest Christmas travel ever. Let’s hope all the problems at Heathrow get sorted and Tim’s travels are as smooth.

Today was a quick shopping trip to Moncton, including lunch at Montana’s. Seriously. I guess it’s only fitting that we’ve kick off the Farewell To Meat tour with a visit to a bad steakhouse. A few groceries on the way home and we arrived back at the farm. Not much of note since then; I fixed a few things on my parents’ computer as well as on their new 50″ plasma TV (!) and surround sound stereo while Nellie wrapped all the presents.

Tomorrow Andrew and his brood arrive. Tomorrow’s also the day that my father makes his delicious delicious ice cream and the peanut butter balls go up for grabs. Mmmmmmmmaaaarrggghfdiohognofsjjntr.

[tags]xmas travel, heathrow, moncton, montana’s, homemade ice cream[/tags]

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