You don't understand…I need chocolate chip zucchini loaf

Met CBGB for a bite to eat tonight. After dinner we tried to get some chocolate-y goodness at the Chocolate Heaven Cafe a few blocks away, but it closes at 6:00 (!?) on Sun-Wed.


Condo stuff is coming to a head now: we have our inspection next week, take possession April 9th, and move in two weeks after that. That gives us plenty of time to paint, move our stuff over, clean the old place, etc.

Getting the cats from one place to the next should be fun as well. Remember the opening scene from Jurassic Park? You know…”Shoot her!! Shoot her!!” It’ll be something like that.

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"Market's bubbly boom" is the new "Cellar door"

Another positive step for Canada:

The Canadian parliament has voted against renewing two controversial anti-terror measures that had been adopted after the 11 September attacks.

The measures allowed suspects to be detained without charge for three days and could compel witnesses to testify.

The minority Conservative government accused the opposition Liberals of being soft on terror.

I’m not sure how accurate that accusation can be when it was the opposition Liberals who introduced the measures in the first place. Anyway, though they were never used, I’m glad they’re gone.


The Economist’s Free Exchange blog touches on yesterday’s market troubles in this morning’s memo, and hints at how powerful Alan Greenspan’s mutterings are even now that he’s no longer the Fed chairman. I wonder what would happen if Greenspan just wandered up to a camera crew and yelled “Soy! Soy! Buy all the soy futures you can get your hands on!” into a microphone?

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Maybe they should send Jack Bauer after Rosie Costello

Life is always better the day after the Canadiens beat the Leafs. However, Montreal didn’t do much of anything at the trade deadline (picking up a third-string goalie from waivers) while many of their closest competitors did.


I want this. Bell Canada cannot get this to me fast enough.

Imagine being at work, behind your computer, or holding your BlackBerry, and being able go online and control all the lights, temperature and appliances in your home. About 250 homeowners in Milton will soon have that option through a Web portal designed by Bell Canada and offered through their local utility.

Pair that with a Slingbox and I can take my home with me.


This woman might be the most repugnant being on the face of the earth who hasn’t killed someone or tortured an animal.

A woman admitted Monday that she coached her two children to fake retardation starting when they were 4 and 8 years old so she could collect Social Security benefits on their behalf.

The mind boggles.


Speaking of mental retardation, I don’t know how much more of 24 I can take. It’s just boring now. I feel compelled to watch the remainder of this season, but really, I’ve stopped caring for the most part. The only thing I really tune in for now is to see how Jack occasionally manhandles someone (cases in point: nearly breaking his [imminent] lady love’s neck last week when he thought she betrayed him, and in an early episode when he dragged some poor unsuspecting motorist from his car and threw him to the ground, yelling “Don’t get up!”) and to see if they somehow miraculously bring Mandy back into the plot. Other than that…meh. To quote Frank, “Wake me when Zombie Nina* arrives.”

* A&E’s been showing old episodes in the morning. Today I was late for work because I had to watch the end of the episode where Jack kills the hell out of Nina.

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"It's mind boggling. It's an altered reality." No kidding.

Via the Showcase Sideshow: there’s a virtual revolution going on in Second Life.

Last week, an organization known as the Second Life Liberation Army, the “in-world military wing of a national liberation movement,“ set off an atomic bomb outside the American Apparel shop in Second Life, a game-free virtual world that claims two million cyber-citizens. A few hours later another nuke exploded at a Reebok store. Though the bombing campaign was their flashiest attack yet, the SLLA has been spearheading an insurrection for months now as part of their campaign for self-rule within the 3D “metaverse” created by San Francisco hi-tech firm–or, as the SLLA dubs them, “authoritarian government”–Linden Lab.

I don’t know why, but the idea of setting off atomic bombs outside a virtual American Apparel delights me. I really hope it took out someone from their <strike>child pornography harem</strike> marketing department.

Get a first life, indeed.


In answer to my own earlier question (which was “I can’t decide who I want to make fun of more: James Cameron for announcing that he’s found the tomb of Jesus, or the people who are outraged by it.“), it’s the latter.

James Cameron and the documentary crew are just making a publicity play, pure and simple. There’s nothing wrong with that, either; you could argue the merits of duping the dupable for profit’s sake, but that’s the underlying principle of advertising, so it’s not as if these folks are the first to try it. Honestly, what kills me are the people who claim it couldn’t possibly be Jesus’ tomb because there’s a body inside, and the bible says Jesus ascended to heaven when he died.

A university professor, dismissing the story about the tomb being Jesus’, said “It’s a beautiful story but without any proof whatsoever.” Rarely have I heard religion described so well.

One final note: can we please stop talking about The Da Vinci Code now?

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Urinary sphincter? Check!

This is a scary, scary story: a 9-year-old Canadian kid and his parents being held in a Texas immigration jail for almost two weeks now.

“Now, just to be clear, you were never planning to end up in the United States, is that right? You were flying to Canada, but another passenger on the plane had a heart attack, and so you guys had a forced landing in Puerto Rico, and when you had to come out of the plane, while he was taken off the plane, that’s when they took you?”

This comes on the heels of a unanimous decision by the Canadian supreme court that six terrorism suspects have been unfairly denied trials, and that the use of “security certificates” (whereby suspects can be held on secret evidence) are unconstitutional. Just as Canada takes one important step forward, they take another step back as they remain silent about this 9-year-old boy.

[via POGGE]


On a lighter note, we watched an absurd (in a good way?) film last night: Crank (imdb | rotten tomatoes). It was like one big frantic idiotic music video…which is decent entertainment for a Friday night when you’re not really feeling up for anything beyond that.

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b Profitable

Here’s how today went:

  • Got haircut
  • Rousted Nellie out of bed and got some breakfast (well, brunch; it was after 12 by this point) downtown at b Espresso Bar. I like it there
  • Stopped in at Henry’s to see if they have the wide-angle lens we’vebeen looking for. They do. We shall go back soon and see if they’ll take our old camera on trade
  • Went to the condo sales centre. We just wanted another look at the model suite similar to our unit, but Nellie was convinced they wouldn’t show us if they knew we’d already bought, so we pretended to be in the market for a new condo. We had a look around, and also got an updated price list. This was interesting, as the one remaining unit like ours listed for $53,000 more than we paid, and our particular unit’s much better (much higher, 400 sq. foot balcony, higher ceilings, better finishings, etc.). Nice to know that 3 years of waiting has paid off fiscally…so far
  • Watch Montreal lose to the Islanders
  • Tried to nap
  • Bought groceries
  • Worked on paper for MBA course
  • Wrote this


After giving the Arcade Fire‘s Neon Bible several listens, I’m convinced it’s at least in the same ballpark as Funeral and has the potential to be just as good, if not as…I don’t know, epic. It has two brilliant songs, “Intervention” and “Antichrist Television Blues”; are they as good as “Neighbourhood #1” and “Rebellion (Lies)”? I’ll need a few hundred more listens to know for sure.


How cute is my wife? Tonight, while I finished up a paper for school, she watched Pretty In Pink in the other room. Wait, wait, that’s not the cute part (in fact, I find everything about that movie fairly repulsive, especially Molly Ringwald). Here’s the cuteness: when I took a break and went into the bedroom to watch a bit of the Raptors game, she slid a piece of paper under the door that said, in huge letters, “Je t’aime”.


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Quel match

I just finished watching the Montreal/Nashville game…and what a game it was. 6-5 the final with the Canadiens winning in the 4th round of the shootout. Montreal never led in the game; they trailed by 1 or 2 goals the entire night until Sergei Samsonov (!) tied it with 48 seconds left. Nashville scored 2 goals by bouncing it off Canadiens’ defenders, so it would’ve been a tough loss. Honestly I was ecstatic that they’d steal a point on the road against the best team in the NHL; that they won it in the shootout was just a bonus.

Jaroslav Halak is now 3-0 since being called up from Hamilton. Let the canonization begin.

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