Hey…I think you can see me up there drinking a diet pepsi…

Fitting that on the day we move, Sam would post a picture of our building (ok, well, he took a picture of St. James Cathedral with our building in the background) on Daily Dose of Imagery.

Our phone is ok, my Sympatico connection worked immediately, our cable has just now been hooked up, all the gear has been dropped off at Goodwill, the old apartment has been cleaned (sort of) and a few more things have been taken out of boxes. So…progress. Not much, but we’ll get there slowly. Nellie’s been busily running errands, buying things, cleaning up and so on. The cats have mainly been sleeping; Sonny explores occasionally, but Michael’s been hiding under a blanket all day. Literally, all day. He hasn’t moved since this 7:30 morning. He even slept under our blanket last night, cuddled up to my legs. He’s never done that before.

The weather’s been perfect today…clear and windy, so our windows are filled with the blue of the lake, and I can see clear across the lake. This is what I’ve been waiting 3 years for.

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0 responses to “Hey…I think you can see me up there drinking a diet pepsi…

  1. Guys, I’m so excited for you that you are finally moved in to your condo! I can’t wait to see it with furniture 🙂

    ps. Hope you’ve got blinds now that we are getting all these sunny days!

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