Line 'em up, knock 'em down

So tired. Once again Michael kept us up from about 4:30, but at least he seems to be better today. Less scared, emerging to hang out with us, climbing on furniture, etc. Now if we could just get him to sleep through the night…

After work today we popped down the street to C’est What; the Amsterdam spring bock was tasty, as was the food (falafel, yam frites and antijitos), and it was nice to just chill for an hour outside of the apartment.  When we got back we unpacked a few boxes; once we have the bookcases in place I can start unpacking all the books, which would free up enough space to unpack the desk, and I could set up the computer. Likewise, once the kitchen boxes are unpacked we can move the table, and I can set up the TV & stereo. Like dominos, wrapped in packing tape.

[tags]moving, unpacking, c’est what, amsterdam beer, spring bock[/tags]

0 responses to “Line 'em up, knock 'em down

  1. It’s my local now! Well, along with the Irish Embassy, PJ O’Brien’s and the BeerBistro. And the Jason George. And the Flatiron & Firkin.

    We also discovered a Hero Burger nearby. Sweeeeeet.

  2. The Jason George is back? I thought it had shut down. Have you been to Le Petit Dejeuner? Excellent brunch. Also a good pubby place just East of you…big pation. Can’t remember the name but thinking on Adelaide maybe towards Parliament but maybe not that far.

  3. Oh, we haven’t been to the JG in ages, so maybe it’s gone. I like LPD, but Nellie’s not a big fan. There’s another place just east along King that I’ve been to for breakfast a few times…enormous portions.

    So far we haven’t really had a chance to get out and explore the neighbourhood. Not looking likely for this weekend either…

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