Ch-ch-changes and f-f-fax tones

It was very, very strange this morning to actually commute to work. For the past five years I’ve been able to walk 5 minutes to my office, but today I had to take the subway. It was only a few stops, but still…it means (gasp!) I can’t go home for lunch.

Eating at my desk instead of on the couch…hmmph. This is not the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed…


Still tired. The cats (or cat, rather; Sonny’s having the time of his life and not whining at all) weren’t so bad last night, but a fax machine called us at midnight and then again at 4 AM. That was a treat. Then, this morning, our stuff is all over the place so our usual morning routine was all disrupted and I couldn’t find anything, resulting in me wearing a belt that doesn’t match my shoes. Oh, the humanity. I’m hoping to get most of the stuff sorted out, set up and put away before I leave on course this weekend.

[tags]new condo, moving, pets, fax machines[/tags]

0 responses to “Ch-ch-changes and f-f-fax tones

  1. Belt not matching your shoes….I go out of may way to ensure that is the case! Unless I’m wearing white shoes of course then a white belt is mandatory.

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